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二,玛莎?瓦希尔可斯基(美)masha vasillkovsky


masha is a filmmaker and fine artist, who shares socio centric philosophy in her work. masha is forever grateful to jules engel, cornelius cole the iii for being her mentors at calarts from where she holds an mfa in experimental animation. presently masha is known for her animation in "rites of passage" (2015) dir. frederick marx,  "river of art" (2014) dir. charlene shih, a feature documentary screened on dec 2014 on the national tv of china, "lo azul del cielo" (2012) dir. juan uribe, 35mm paint on glass, "il doctor" (2005) dir. suzan pitt, "as you desire me" (2008) dir maureen selwood, "tell me cuba" (2006) dir. megan williams, "fur and feathers" personal work, 16mm, 2000. in 2012 together with her creative partner ruah edelstein, masha formed an amity of creative partnerships, called lumen animae, to share knowledge and inspiration with the community through film productions, workshops and theater. lumen animae have collaborated with los angeles museum of the holocaust where alongside with holocaust survivors and groups of students the amity produced animated documentaries based on stories of survival: ‘when man to man is a wolf’ (2015), ‘the story of three rings’ (2015), ‘tipping scales’ (2015). as an educator, masha has been using her unique methods of teaching for the last 15 years helping university level students illuminate their individual artistic brilliance.




oh, there are many! all pebbles that the beach of experimental animation is composed of are brilliant. 

some are more brilliant (at the moment, as everyone’s time comes by virtue of their cosmic linage)

everyone is but a mirror of their maker; and same goes for their work. some of such masters are:

first my respects go to yuri norshtein and francesca yarbusova for ‘tale of tales’ and ‘hedgehog in the fog’ for the heart warmth of their work,

igor kovalyov, a powerful tree that grew out of russian avant guard animation tradition,

then the animators that he introduced to me: the most unusual storytellers, brilliant koji yamamura and a rare bright star atsushi wada,

this brings to mind unbelievable worlds of mirae mizue

i will continue this list as names come to mind:)

as the world does not lack brilliance, i cannot possibly name all the artists i love in two sentences as human art history is made of them. it makes sense to name those artists who’s world i was fortunate to come in close proximity with throughout my life. the works of mati klarwein, a 20th century spanish painter, communicated to me an incredibly precise messages, like rarely works of art do. i inhaled their air into my worldview. 

francisco ferrer, a founder of a humanistic education school in spain, based on the idea of a child directed education, formed a school in new jersy in 1915. my 17 year old child graduated from play mountain place, ferrer teachings based elementary school in la . that man through that place taught us a non violent educational model based on practical application of kindness and wisdom. as an adult i have experienced this kind of relationship (based on a teacher giving the students freedom and treating them as equals, as i came into calarts and was exposed to the way jules engel and corny cole, two geniuses, shared their wisdom with the students.


       因为这个世界并不缺乏光彩和才华,我不可能用两句话来描述所有我喜欢的,作为人类艺术的历史创作者的艺术家。用几乎我的一生来走近认识这些艺术家的世界让我的人生变得有意义,麦悌 ?科拉维恩的作品,一个20世纪西班牙画家,他与我交流着一个不可思议珍贵的讯息,就像一件罕见的作品,我在我的世界观里吸收了这些新的气息。

       弗兰西斯卡?弗瑞,一个在西班牙的人类教育机构的创建者,以对一个孩子最直接的教育想法为基础。在1915年的新泽西建立了学校,我17岁的孩子毕业于玩山地?,弗瑞在洛杉矶教基础小学,在那里他传授给我们一个没有暴力的,善良和智慧的实用教育。作为一个?玩山地play mountain place 是位于美国加利福尼亚的一家教授学龄前后儿童艺术体验的教育培训机构。



to be the vessel of divine inspiration at service to the message, and have that message be delivered via the timeless spaceship of animation



i ask a question of the space within myself,  what is the best possible way to resolve this or that?

then i wait … sometimes it takes time… for an answer.




i look for a vision, once it arrives in a form of sketches, i think everything through and then i know what to do: then it is a matter of being efficient so that you get paid for what you can do in the period of time given



i go by my inner compass, trusting that if as human beings we are always interconnected with others through our thoughts and feelings and that every film has it’s audience, if it is sincere



i am completing a film at the moment, called ‘eyes of the azure’, i have a couple of pieces that need completion.

i want to draw soon, but now i am editing… i love editing and i will love to draw again very soon! may the mature projects complete so that we can start new ones!




experimental is a key word. i draw a sense of secret pride that such a shifty word titles my mfa graduation diploma!

it means there are no rules, it is an art form determined by unlimitedness, guarded in it's anarchist's title

it presupposes that absolutely everyone is a genius, according to their birth right, by their divine make up; that said, we are all on the path of finding the pearls in our oyster, and some have found a bunch and others but a few... good thing the path never ends, there are chances of finding more every bit of the way!

animation can express the undefinable, which it helps us to imagine, feeding our aesthetical sense, which only takes in the nectar or it starves!

true art is a growing phenomenon, it cannot ever take a definitive form,  inhabiting only those art forms that can contain its transmutation into the new. viva experimental animation!

i want to do exactly this: perform with animation! have a theater and puppet performance supported by projection. the best genius of that type of an amalgamation, who comes to mind is the un-parallel william kentridge, his most recent solo exhibit, the refusal of time, in moma as well as his work with a brilliant handspring puppet company theater.








digital technology has been an incredible blessing to animators; imagination has easy-to-work-with tools to come to life and lots of people are streaming their inner worlds into animation now that the technical part of animation production lives in a laptop. i love all the areas it is now developing into such as the virtual reality world… or stereoscopic 3d… 360’ projection and other interactive ways to create a magical interface with human psyche.



may your art be the vessel for delivering important messages from your maker! big hug!